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Vegan January-Day 7: Avocado toast.

I am absolutely loving the number of new breakfast/brunch options appearing on menus these days and having finally extracted ourselves from a fatty bacon and sausage cooked breakfast the choice is huge. From cheat meals such as chocolate chip pancakes to accai bowls with fruit and oats to smashed avocado on toast the flavours are endless. Consider adding things like roast potatoes and hash browns to breakfasts and getting creative to add some spice to classics like beans on toast.
This week we have avocado toast with seasoned mushrooms and cherry tomatoes. One of the keys to this meal is to get some great bread to toast, a thick sourdough loaf will make a much nicer meal than paper thin sliced warburtons so we suggest you go out and find your closed bakery for the best results.

Cooking instructions


Crush a few cloves of garlic, chop up about one avocado per person and add it all to a flat bottomed bowl. Half a lime or lemon and squeeze the juice into the mixture. Add some fresh coriander cut into small pieces or just rip off and add the leaves, If you like spice this is the stage to chop a chilli into small pieces and add as much as suits your tolerance.

Use a fork, or if the avocados aren’t as ripe as possible sometimes a potato masher works best.

Slice the bread into nice thick chunks ready to be grilled or toasted and cook to your preference.

Spread the avocado mix over the toast and then top with a small salad of rocket leaves.

Additional extras


To add to the avocado toast I love to half button mushrooms and fry these in a pan along with a diced red onion, a handful of quatered cherry tomatoes and Rosemary and Thyme leaves.

Once done, pour the mixture over the toast.

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