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Your next journal prompt is here…

Need inspiration for your journal prompts? I got you.

Have you been journaling for awhile and need some new material? Here are some of my favorite prompts to shift your thoughts & see what your internal monologue is saying.
  • what form of expression are you most grateful for?

  • when do you feel the most like yourself?

  • what is something you wish others knew about you?

  • what touch are you grateful for today?

  • is there someone you're secretly seeking approval from?

  • what would having their approval change?

  • what do you look forward to everyday?

  • what causes are worth fighting for?

  • is there something you're not being honest about with yourself?

  • what is a lesson you had to learn recently?

  • based on your daily routine, where do you see yourself at in 
5 months?

  • what do you hope to grow out of?

Do you want to have a support system to help you answer these questions?

Come join my Learn to build habits that will last coaching course.

In this series, you will learn the proven method for habit building so that your habits become easy, sustainable, and a part of your daily routine. 🙌

💜 Jacks

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