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Yoga Nidra For Deep Rest 

Are you looking for a meditation that will help improve your energy, sleep, all while getting some deep rest? That's what yoga Nidra, Non-Sleep Deep Rest (NSDR), will help you achieve. In this 25-minute Non-Sleep Deep Rest (NSDR) Yoga Nidra meditation, allow yourself to get completely comfortable while catching up on some sleep that will have you feeling rested and energized.


Fall Asleep With Nature Yoga Nidra 

With the gentle sounds of nature, water, and birds in the background-you'll be guided on your yoga nidra path to discover peace, deep rest, and calming dreams. This sleep meditation is here to support you because you are worthy of relaxing, resting, and dreaming. You'll get time to get a good night of rest through this sleep meditation. Enjoy your nature yoga nidra friend !