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Vegan January-Day 12: Vegetable Sushi

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Lot's of time, people think they have to give up sushi going vegan. Yet, I found my love for sushi blossomed once I did go vegan.

Prep instructions


Follow the cooking instructions on the sticky rice, usually mix in the rice with the required amount of cold water in the pan and leave to sit for 15mins before bringing the water to the boil and cooling the rice as normal.

Slice up two avocados into long thin strips to allow it to be easily rolled.

Peel and cut up the sweet potato into slices and then half these.

To make the batter add a couple of cups of flour and slowly add water, whisking the mixture until you have a thick batter. Dip and roll the sweet potato slices into this mixture until fully covered.

Slice a lump of ginger into as fine a slice as you can manage (use a really sharp knife to make this easier).

Have coconut aminos and soy sauce available with side dishes to dip the sushi into.

Cooking instructions


Fill the bottom of a frying pan with sesame oil or vegetable oil until it is ~1-2cm deep and head on a high heat.

Place the pieces of sweet potato into the oil, don't drop them in as this will cause the hot oil to splash out.

Turn the pieces after a minute in the oil once they have crisped up and the batter mixture is fully cooked. To test how well they have cooked, try the sweet potato, it should be soft.

Once removed place the sweet potato on a plate with a paper towel under it to absorb the oil as it drips off.

Rolling the sushi


Take a sheet of sushi paper and place it on top of a rolling mat. (If no rolling mat, a piece of clear plastic paper over a cutting board works.)

Spread the rice out into a rectangle, still leaving the edges of the sushi paper showing.

For your vegetable sushi rolls, place whatever veggie/veggies you want in the middle of the roll. Roll from the edge into the roll.

Once rolled up, wet a sharp knife with water and cut into rolls. I recommend wetting the knife after each cut so that the lines are crisp.

Serve with ginger, soy sauce/coconut aminos, and enjoy!

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