Vegan January Day 16: Aubergine and Red Pepper Pasta

Updated: Jan 20

Don’t want to think too much and have a vegan meal that’s going to help you get your veggie intake? This is the dish to make! A hearty pasta with three different types of veg.

Prep instructions


Cut an aubergine into small chunks, quarter a handful of chestnut mushrooms, slice a pair of sweet red peppers into small chunks and dice a red onion.

Crush up 2-3 cloves of garlic, rip up and dice a small bunch of coriander or basil.

Fill the kettle and set aside 4-5 nests of tagliatelle pasta per person you are cooking for. .

My favourite pasta sauce is Lloyd Grosman tomato and chilli but any will do. If you would prefer to make your own from scratch then there are hundreds of recipes online.

Cooking instructions


Boil the pasta as you start to cook everything else.

Fry the aubergine and pepper in a flat bottomed pan with some oil and once softened, add the mushrooms and red onion and garlic.

Scatter the herbs on top and once cooked onto the veggies, add the sauce.