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I am here to support you. 

See what some clients have had to say about working with me. 


“Jackie always makes me feel so comfortable. I told her what parts of my body I struggle with, both strength and flexibility—and she provided a session that focused on improving what My body needed. She knows how to take it slow for beginners (like myself) but also provides variations in case you want more of a challenge. I always leave with my mind, body and spirit in balance.”



“Jackie has this beautiful ability to ease your mind and put you in a deep, meditative state. The time spent in her classes are when I feel the most at peace and appreciative of the moment I am in. Yoga has been a hobby of mine, but Jackie has really helped me love and connect with its spiritual side. She is also great at helping you understand each position and its benefits, while guiding you through a relaxing flow."



"Before I was never someone who meditated or allowed myself to sit long enough to understand how much control I have over my mind. So when I started taking Jackie’s yoga class she gently introduced me to a whole new thought process. Now, I am able to apply these skills to my hectic life and instead of feeling helpless I’m now able to take a moment and realign my perspective for the better. Jackie makes sure to ask you what YOU want out of the class that day so she can personalize it to maximally benefit you. Jackie has seriously helped me restore my peace of mind and find my inner strength."



I came to this Reiki session with a neutral yet open attitude and what I have experienced is beyond everything I could have possibly imagined.
Jackie was a wonderful guide, a strong feeler, making me feel really comfortable to share my inner turmoil.
What I didn't expect is to have a sensitory impact during the session. I genuinely felt rocked, f. e. or I spoke a word outloud which she had written down too afterwards and.. it was a DISTANT REIKI session!
When she explained afterwards what she had noticed I was flabbergasted.
She was spot on with so many things!
What had come through were metaphores that connected me to my deepest truth.
And it was all brought with passion, humour and creativity. She had written a poem that was so clear. It really got to me.
Jackie gave me many helpful insights to get started towards my healing journey.
What she does the best is empower you with so much love!
To me this was an amazing discovery.
Thank you, Jackie, you are an Earthangel!


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