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Vegan January-Day 20: Sweet Potato Tagine

Replacing the common savoury spice of a curry with sweet aromatic flavours

Prep instructions


Dice a red onion, a red or green pepper, 2 sweet potatoes, an aubergine and a handful of fresh tomatoes.

Crush 2 cloves of garlic, half a tablespoon of harissa, chop a few stalks of coriander and slice up a few dried apricots. .

Grind up a teaspoon of cumin seeds and coriander seeds and add half a teaspoon of ground cinnamon into this mixture.

Open and drain a can of chickpeas, boil 250ml of water and stir in a veggie stock cube.

Boil rice or steam couscous to serve or have it as a salad.

Cooking instructions


Set the chopped sweet potatoes to boil and while you do add the onion, pepper and aubergine to a hot pan.

Drain the sweet potatoes when they start to soften drain the water.

Once the onion is starting to cook through add in the garlic and then the spice mixture, harissa, coriander and then stir in the sweet potato and chickpeas.

Once well mixed pour in the stock and the chopped apricots leaving to simmer for 15 mins and you’re ready to serve!

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