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Vegan January-Day 10: Artichoke Risotto

Looking to try something new this week? This easy risotto is a combination of flavor and taste.

Prep work


Dice a couple of onions, pull the leaves of a few sticks of fresh rosemary and thyme and chop the rosemary leaves.

Set aside an opened and drained jar of artichokes, you can also add in olives, peas, edamame beans, tomatoes and any other veggies you are feeling.

Mix up ~500ml of hot water with a vegetable stock cube. Add about 100ml of any white wine you have to this and stir it in.

Weigh out around 200 grams of risotto rice.

For the finish, have a small chunk of vegan margarine (half a thumb) and some rocket leaves or salad of your choice to serve.

Cooking Instructions


Cook the onion on a high heat in a pan with some oil and add the chopped herbs.

Season the onions with salt and pepper, I personally recommend pink rock salt.

Add the rice and stir well letting it cook for a minute before pouring in the wine/stock mixture and reducing the heat to a gentle simmer.

Wait until the liquid has started to be absorbed and then add in the artichokes and whatever other veggies you have ready.

When the liquid is mostly gone you can stir in a little vegan marge to add a creamy texture, season with salt and pepper and then serve with a rocket salad.

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